While we already know that Pop Slot Casino has many advantages and is quite popular among the population in the United States, we thought of recording some experiences of those who have been playing this game for a while now. On speaking to those, we noticed that some had positive reviews while a few had mixed reviews, and some had negative reviews for the game.

Mentioned below are some of the experiences and reviews of the users of this game. You will be surprised by the broad-ranging opinions of people.

1. People like it for its realistic graphics and design

Robert Christensen says – “Been playing this game for more than 3 yrs (I think). It’s my favorite because it’s the most realistic. You’ve got winning streaks and losing streaks no different than the casino. You can sit with other players and get group bonuses. As you reach higher levels, you will have better games. I wish we could play with and send chips to friends. Spend way more chips in the win zone than won. If we could play with friends, I’d give it five stars! It also would help if we had a “favorites tab” instead of flipping through all casinos at higher levels.”

2. A Mixed Review

Sergio Garza says- “It is a cool game, but once you get to the higher casinos… you will spot just a bunch of bots, and you can tell because their level is crazy high with a top win of 2 million or 3 million. If you get bonus credits for the bonus round, if you have too many bonus credits, the bonus round will end fast and give you very little chips. Always ensure that you don’t join the win zone because all you would do is lose your chips to bots.”

3. Positive Review with a piece of advice

Alex Smith states- “This slots game isn’t as easy as most the others to gain credits; I mean, of course, that’s what makes it more interesting and the unique bonus game setup that allows you to enjoy the slots bonus. You have to pace yourself here u don’t just shoot up to billions within the first few hours of playing. Overall I give pop slots 10/10 compared to the other slot games on the android play store. Although I wish they had a table chat for the eight machines of the type of slot you’re playing at that moment.”

4. It takes all your tiredness away.

Lori Diggs says- “It’s always a pleasure to play Pop! Slots, especially after a long and tiring day at work. There are no drawbacks because the graphics are modern and colorful. This game has numerous perks, and you can use your points at the real casinos. Now tell me how awesome is that?”

5. Some don’t like it at all.

Christopher Mulvey states- “It is a painfully boring game. Seriously, people who enjoy this must be among the dullest people on this planet, and people who spend money on this must have a mental disability. Unless you use it to gain some easy tokens on display, you need to get out more.”

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